Q. Do I have to use the handbag to dispense wine?
A. No! Our Handbags are beautifully designed just as an everyday handbag! They have been made with high-quality hardware and a beautiful satin lining and are very roomy inside. They can even be used as a laptop bag as they fit a 15-inch laptop! The wine dispensing feature is an added extra to be used whenever you need it …… talk about a multi-tasking handbag!

Q. Does the handbag come with a Party Pouch?
A. Yes! Every one of our handbags comes with a Party Pouch to hold your favourite beverage. Our Party Pouches are made of the highest quality high density foil the same as the casks that you buy at your local liquor store.

Q. How do I order more Party Pouches?
A. Extra Party Pouches are always available to purchase on our website. Packs of 3 cost $24.00

Q. What other beverages can I put in the Party Pouch?
A. The Party Pouch could be used for a whole range of other beverages including spirits, cocktails, mixers, juices or even water!  You are really only limited by your imagination!

Q. Will the insulated pocket in the handbag keep my drink cold?
A. The insulated pocket will keep your drink chilled for a few hours. We suggest filling the Party Pouch a few hours before going out and refrigerating it before placing in the insulated pocket, (overnight is even better!) this will help to keep drink chilled for longer. There is also enough room in the pocket to add an ice pack.

Q. Does the Party Pouch take up lots of room in the handbag?
A. No! The Party Pouch filled fits perfectly into a side pocket leaving plenty of room for all your other items. The handbag has a wide base so there is lots and lots of room inside including little pockets for your mobile and sunnies!

Q. What are your handbags made of?
A. Our handbag is made of a type of polyurethane which looks and feels exactly like leather, however, it is much more durable. It can withstand scratches and scrapes that would mark genuine leather and is not as prone to cracking or peeling. It is also less porous so soiling will generally sit on the surface of the handbag and it can be wiped over with a slightly damp cloth, so it is much easier to keep clean.  The lining of the bag is made of 100% polyester satin. All of the hardware is of the highest quality and the bag even has little feet for it to rest on, so the base does not get damaged!

Q. What are the dimensions of the handbag?
A. The handbag measures 30cm x 38cm x 14cm (H X W X D)

Q. Are the straps comfortable even with a full Party Pouch and all of my items?
A. Yes! The straps are the perfect length, so you shouldn't have any discomfort with your handbag full of wine as well as all your everyday girly essentials!

Q. Can you use a wine cask bladder in this handbag?
A. Yes! You sure can! The handbag is custom made to hold its own Party Pouch or the cask bladder out of any 2 litre cask.  (3 litre wine bladders will not fit - so make sure it is the 2 litre size)

Q. Will this bag pass security checkpoints at concerts and festivals filled with wine/alcohol?
A. Yes! As long as they don't open the secret insulated pocket (which can be zipped up) you'll be able to pass through undetected. Please use responsibly, however.

Q. Does the Party Pouch give the wine a plastic taste?
A. Not at all! The Party Pouch uses exactly the same material as boxed wine bladders and so it does not add any taste to your wine/alcohol.

Q. Can I use the Party Pouch more than once?
A. We recommend replacing it with each use to make sure you have a clean start for each use. They are durable enough for multiple uses, but they must be cleaned extremely well in between uses. Please keep in mind that you reuse your Party Pouch at your own risk. :)

Q. How do I fill the Party Pouch?
A. You will notice perforations on the red plastic on the outside of the spout on the Party Pouch.  Before use tear along the perforations to remove the excess piece of red plastic - this will unlock the tap. There is also a red cap on the bottom of the spout that can be removed and replaced as required.  To fill the Party Pouch you need to remove the spout and fill it through the spout opening. The spout is on the pouch very firmly to prevent it leaking, so to remove it you will need to pull and turn it around at the same time. It will twist out. After filling the Party Pouch, replace the spout by lining it up in the correct position (pointing downward) and push it  firmly in until you hear 2 clicks – no turning required.  Once you have filled the party pouch and replaced the spout, simply pop it into the insulated section of your handbag making sure to line the spout up with the magnetic flap opening on the back of the bag. Use the zipper to close the insulated compartment and you are ready to go!

  Tear along perforations

  Tap is now unlocked and ready for use  

    Remove spout and fill party pouch

Q. Does the spout leak at all?
A. As long as you've put the spout back into the Party Pouch tightly you shouldn't experience any leaks! After filling the Party Pouch line the spout up into the correct position over the outlet and push it in very firmly until you hear 2 clicks.


Q. How do I clean my handbag?
A. If stored in the supplied dust bag your handbag should rarely require cleaning.  To clean however, mix a small amount of mild soap with warm water and wipe down with a clean, soft white cloth dipped in the solution.  Follow up with a wipe with a water dampened cloth and then dry with another soft cloth.  Do not over saturate the bag and dry it promptly.


Q. Why am I having trouble completing my order at the checkout?
A. Is your order an international order? If so there is a maximum weight limit of 2kg per order. This means you can only order one handbag per order and up to 2 additional packs of party pouches.  To order more you will need to order additional items separately.

Q. I have a question how do I find out the answer?
A. If you cannot find the answer to your question in our FAQ’s section please send us an email at